Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Blog Title and an Announcement

So I have decided to change the blog title from Kristin's Kapers in Kobuk to just Kristin's Kapers because 1) I have lots of travels all over the world that I'd like to be able to share and 2) I haven't lived in Kobuk for nearly three years. I left Kobuk in May of 2012 and moved to Nome, Alaska in August 2012. I have been teaching a variety of science classes in Nome, but and here's the big announcement... I'm moving to the South Bay area of Los Angeles! We have 16 days of school left and it's bittersweet. I'm excited about my new upcoming adventure, but I'm also sad about leaving everyone here.

Here are a couple of pictures that show the contrast in where I'm leaving and where I'm going. I'm excited about the fun and the sun, but also nervous about missing winter...

Nome, AK - March 2015

Manhattan Beach, CA - March 2015