Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 Wheeling!

This post is a little bit late since I already posted about Sunday late afternoon and Monday and this was Sunday early afternoon, but oh well.  On Sunday it started off real cloudy and overcast.  We were afraid it was going to rain, but we had decided we were going to take the Hondas out whether it rained or not (as long as it wasn't pouring).  Nonetheless, we waited until the early afternoon in hopes that it would clear and while it was still quite foggy when we left town it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day.  We went out to the end of the road which is at Bornite a mining site that had been inactive for about 40 years, but is starting to become active again (I'm not sure, but I think most of what they are doing is pretty exploratory these days).  Here are some pictures from that trip.
This is apparently a new bridge.  The old bride was very scary I hear.

Isn't that just an amazing view?  This is a little past the end of the road near the cabins seen below.

The cabins are a cool look back at history

This was a cabin where they kept core samples.  There were also cabins where they lived and so forth.

I just thought this old bottle of Raid was really neat.

Is this a cool vehicle?

Driving the Old School Jeep!

Yet another piece of neat old equipment.

The road on the way back.  Don't worry I wasn't driving when I took this picture (we were moving, but I was riding on the back)

My turn!

There are these mile markers all the way along the road.


  1. What a beautiful place, and such fun vehicles! I like the cabin photo.