Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kristin Joins the Peking Opera

Okay, okay, the title is a lie. I didn't join the Peking opera, but I did get made up like I was in it. The school brought in the professional make-up artists and a professional photographer all from the Peking opera. The photographer was so good he could look at an outfit and immediately spot if there was a missing hairpiece, ring, broach etc. He knew each character perfectly. I haven't seen the professional shots yet (I'm excited to see them) so you'll only be able to see the shots made on my cellphone here, but it was so cool. Each character had specific poses and he would put you into those poses and then take the pictures. Some of the poses were really awkward and difficult to hold. After you completed one outfit you changed into another and did it all again.
The process took a really long time and I grew frustrated (I ended up waited 5 hours before they began on me and then my process took a total of 3 hours - some of that was just time waiting). Later they brought in more artists to try to speed up the process. While, I didn't like the wait, it was a really cool experience. Here are the pictures. Enjoy.
First one of the women did my make-up. As you can
see it is really heavy and man it was difficult to wash off!

Next, this guy added the hair pieces. As he did it he
put a strip of cloth around my face that pulled my eyebrows up. Apparently for a lot of people they did even more using
a bunch of strings taped to their face to pull it back.

He used an adhesive made from bark to attach all of this.

My first headpiece is done. Now I'm waiting to get dressed.

I even had to add whitening to my hands. Actually, Peking Opera make-up
is really light and is designed to make people look pale and "beautiful" the make-up
matched my current tan, but was actually darker than areas like where my watch goes that
aren't tanned. If this had been winter, the face make-up would have been making me darker rather than lighter!

The photographer posing me for one of the shots
in my second outfit.


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