Monday, May 16, 2011

About the blog title...

I've been debating and debating one what to call this blog.  I set it up in April and now it is May.  I've told a number of people about my blog (although I've yet to share the link with anyone) and everyone has liked the title.  Everyone, but me.  As a very analytical person (I am a chemist after all), it bothers me that the title "View from the top of the world" makes it sound like I'm in Barrow or on the north pole.  Kobuk is in the arctic, but it just isn't THAT far north.  My friend, Julie, told me no one, but me would know and I said, "well all my AKT2 (Alaska Transition to Teaching) friends would," and now two of them are going to Barrow.  Thus, I think this blog needs a new title.

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