Saturday, July 9, 2011

Packing and Shipping Part I

The last two days have been crazy.  I am leaving to go to Nome for a week and I wanted to get all of my stuff (or at least the vast majority) shipped to Kobuk before I left.  I thought I would do my shopping during my 6-week Alaska Transition to Teaching Summer Field Experience, but I ended up being crazy busy and couldn't get it done.  Then I went camping for a week immediately (and I do mean immediately, we left within a few hours) of finishing.  So on Thursday and Friday I shopped.  First, I made a list of everything I thought I would need.  Then I went on Amazon and found all the things that I could in reasonable sizes with free shipping.  Next, I went to Fred Meyer's and bought a bunch of stuff.  Then on Friday morning Grandma and I went to Costco and then Sam's for me to buy the food for the Nome trip (I'm in charge of meals).  I spent the early afternoon at the church organizing all that to take with us as checked baggage to Nome today.  Then I resumed my Kobuk shopping.  My uncle and I went to Costco where I bought the stuff for me.  Then we went to Sam's because Costco doesn't have paper towels in the select-a-size sheets.  Then to Walmart to buy the things I didn't want in a Costco size.  I did forget a few things on my list, plus I wasn't looking for everything on my list quite yet.
I got home and we filled the kitchen.  I got out my plastic totes and started packing them.  I wish I had taken a picture.  It was quite a sight.  I have a good start on the foodstuffs and will try to ship these boxes (along with my bread maker) just about as soon as I get back from Nome.  Then I'll need to shop for gear...

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