Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My first trip to the Bush

I went to Nome the other week and while it will seem very metropolitan in comparison to Nome, I think it was good preparation for going to Kobuk.  Since many of the people who will be reading my blog, have never even been to Alaska, I thought I would include a little bit about that trip and some pictures.
I flew up on Saturday the 9th of July with a group from my church and we spent a week working on the church building in Nome and we had a beach party for the kids in Nome and also had some time to do some sight-seeing.  I really enjoyed it and the day after we returned to Anchorage we were having a team debriefing and I mentioned that I had really liked Nome and felt like I could live there.  One of the others in the group was shocked and said that she couldn't imagine living there! I guess it is a good thing that I feel I could totally live in Nome since it is so much bigger and has so much more than Kobuk!

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