Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Packing and Shipping Part II

In preparation for my flight to Kobuk today, I finished packing and shipped off the last of my stuff yesterday.  I shipped another 8 packages including 36 pounds of hand weights, which I fit into a medium size flat rate box, and my HDTV (which required an extra fee for being oversized - I knew it was oversize before I took it).  This time I did take a picture.  Additionally, I didn't get to the airport until a little after 5, so it was a lot busier than last time, plus there were some other new teachers (from out-of-state I believe) who were shipping their stuff - this time of year the stores are full of teachers who are passing through Anchorage on their way to the Bush.
I took my camera to the post office with me, but didn't want to draw even more attention to myself so I didn't actually take it out. I might have taken a picture outside the car as we were getting everything out, if it hadn't been raining and raining rather hard.

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