Monday, August 1, 2011

So where is Kobuk anyway?

Everywhere I go (and I'm in Alaska) people ask me, "so where exactly is Kobuk?"  Yesterday my pastor was giving a missions team report on their trip to Shungnak (10 miles down river from Kobuk) and he said Shungnak was the second to last village and then told everyone if they wanted to go to the ends of the earth they should follow me to Kobuk.  So now I will describe where the ends of the earth are.  If you are flying commercial, you fly 549 miles from Anchorage to Kotzebue (population approx. 3,000).  Then you change to a bush plane (pictures coming as soon as I get to do this and then get Internet connection for posting) and fly another 155 miles to Kobuk (population anywhere between 109 and 150 depending on the source).  This however is not the most direct route.  If you were a bird it would only take you 449 miles, but flying commercial airlines it takes the above total of 704 miles (and for a round trip ticket a little over $800).  For those of you (and I would imagine this is almost everyone) who are going, "well she gave us a lot of numbers, typical Kristin, but that doesn't help me to actually know where Kobuk is," I am posting a map too...

And for anyone who doesn't know Alaska well enough to know where this is, here is another map...

The highlighted portion is Northwest Arctic Borough, the borough of which I am about to be a resident.

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